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We are pleased to introduce our Key Personnel:


Martin Tomlinson

Martin can be found on LinkedIn

Professor Tomlinson received his PhD from Loughborough University in 1970 on the subject of adaptive equalisation for data transmission and worked at Plessey Telecommunications Research Ltd until 1975 in the field of digital and satellite transmissions. He then spent seven years in the Satellite Communications Division of RSRE before joining the University of Plymouth (formerly Plymouth Polytechnic) as the Head of the Communication Engineering Department in 1982

Professor Tomlinson is currently Head of Satellite Communication Research and has published many papers in the field of Digital Communications, with emphasis on Digital Modulation and Coding as well as contributing to various standards such as the DVB-RCS standard for small satellite terminals. He is the holder of a number of patents and he has twice been a member of the IEE Professional Group E9 (Satellite Communications). Professor Tomlinson has been a Director of Aetheric Engineering Ltd since 1995.



Peter Milne

Peter can be found on linkedIn

Peter Milne has worked in the space industry since 1975, with experience of space segment, ground segment and telecommunications networks.  In 1989 he formed Aetheric Engineering Ltd and has been a Director since that time. 

He has supported the implementation and operation of systems in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  He participates in the CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Standards) and was a member of the Telecommunications and Navigation Advisory Board the British National Space Centre (The British National Space Centre has since been replaced by the UK Space Agency).