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AST SpaceMobile Announces Collaboration with Globe Telecom of the Philippines

April 28, 2022 – AST SpaceMobile, Inc., the company building the first and only space based cellular broadband network designed to be accessible directly by standard mobile phones, announced a MoU with Globe Telecom, Inc. Globe is a leading digital platform in the Philippines, serving consumers and businesses’  telecommunications  and  technology  needs,  including  about  86  million  wireless subscribers. Once launched, AST SpaceMobile would aim to provide Globe with expanded coverage and  reach  to  remote  and  underserved  areas.  AST  SpaceMobile  has  entered  into  agreements  and understandings  with  mobile  network  operators  which  collectively  service  over  1.8  billion  cellular customers.     

Intelsat Selects Gilat to Provide Satellite Cellular Backhaul Solution to a Leading Mobile Telecom in  the DRC 

April 27, 2022 – Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced today that the Company has been selected in  a  multimillion dollar  deal  with  Intelsat,  operator  of  the  world’s  largest  integrated  satellite and terrestrial  network,  to  provide  the  satellite  cellular  backhaul  solution  for  a  leading  mobile telecommunication  company  in  the  Democratic  Republic  of  the  Congo  (DRC). Intelsat  deployed  its CellBackhaul  service with Gilat’s SkyEdge II c  platform and  Capricorn VSATs,  connecting with a  Ku band satellite to bring mobile communications to nearly 1,000 previously underserved and unserved remote  sites.  The  implementation  brings  mobile  services  to  deep  rural  sites  in  the  DRC, geographically the second largest nation in Africa, with a growing population of more than 90 million people.  Working  together,  Intelsat  and  Gilat  are  extending  mobile  connectivity  to  areas  where terrestrial backhaul networks are impractical, expensive, or otherwise unfeasible to deploy. 

SKY Perfect JSAT and NTT Agree to Establish Space Compass Corporation

April 26, 2022 – NTT Corporation and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation announced today that the parties have  reached  an  agreement  and  signed  a  contract  to  establish  a  joint  venture  company  that  will launch a  novel integrated  space  computing  network  to aid  the  realization  of a  sustainable  society. The joint venture will take on the challenge of building new infrastructures in space, where business led  by  the  private  sector  is  expected  to  grow  in  the  future,  and  contribute  to  the  creation  of  a sustainable  society.  By  taking  on  the  challenge  of  creating  new  infrastructures,  starting  with  the optical and wireless communication network to be built in space and the mobile network to be built in the stratosphere, the joint venture will contribute to the development of the global space industry and the realization of a sustainable society.

GapSat Signs Ku/Ka Band Long Term Service Agreement with QSTC Inc. of Canada 

April  26,  2022  –  QSTC  Inc.  of  Canada,  announced  the  signing  of  an  agreement  with  GapSat Development  Group  Ltd.  for  the  provision  of  turnkey  Ku   and  Ka band  services  using  a  dedicated small  Geostationary  Earth  Orbit  (GEO)  satellite  to  be  known  as GapSat A.  Under  the  scope  of  the agreement, QSTC is the prime contractor responsible for delivering the services, based on the use of its  fully  electric  satellite  platform,  Sigma  1,  with  a  fully  processed  payload  together  with  satellite control and ground segment. GapSat decided to enter into this agreement with QSTC, because until now  significant  customer  demand  could  not  be  met  at  short  notice.  GapSat A,  through  its  highly flexible  payload  covering  all  the  frequencies  in  the  Ku  and  Ka bands, and  its ability  to  relocate at high  speeds,  between  missions  will  allow  GapSat  to  address  this  pent up  demand.  GapSat  was advised by GH Partners of New York.

SES and ComClark to Deliver Educational Content via Satellite to 2,000+ Schools across Philippines

April  26,  2022  –  SES  and  ComClark  Network  and  Technology  Corporation  announced  today  that together  they  are  empowering  thousands  of  Philippine  educators  with  high speed  satellite based connectivity  to  deliver  content  to  over  2,000  remote  schools  across  the  country  to  improve  the quality of teaching and learning. The content delivered via SES’s SES 9 satellite will provide students with  equal  access  to  quality  education,  even  to  those  in  the  most  remote  locations.  Under  this partnership with SES, ComClark will access the Ku band capacity from the SES 9 satellite via its own teleport  and  connectivity  technologies  for  voice,  video,  and  data  applications  to  connect  the  data centre,  and  simultaneously  datacast  education  materials  and  curriculum  to  all  participating  public schools country wide.

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