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Myanmar Expands Relationship with Intelsat for Network Infrastructure Deployment

June 1, 2018 ‐ Intelsat announced that the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) of Myanmar has broadened its relationship with Intelsat to accelerate the deployment of the country’s wireless communications infrastructure in Myanmar. The MOTC will utilize services on Intelsat 39, a Ku- andC‐band satellite which is scheduled to replace Intelsat 902 at 62 East in 2019. Under the new multiyear, multi‐transponder agreement, Intelsat 39 will host both C‐ and Ku‐band satellite services for Myanmarsat‐2 which will enable the Government of Myanmar to significantly enhance its existing network as well as the networks of other mobile operators’ and media companies. This will advance the expansion of affordable, high‐speed broadband and internet connectivity to government agencies, businesses and communities throughout the country. It will also support and advance the MOTC’s goal of ensuring that 95 percent of its population will have access to broadband connectivity by 2022.

US DoD Contracts MEO Services via Blanket Purchase Agreement with SES Government Solutions

June 4, 2018 ‐ SES Government Solutions (SES GS), a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, has signed a singleaward Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) low‐latency High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services. The total amount of all orders placed against the BPA cannot exceed USD 516.7 million over a five‐year period of performance from 1 May 2018 through 30 April 2023. With this agreement, U.S. DoD customers will have the opportunity to access SES’s industry‐leading O3b MEO services worldwide. The BPA scope of work includes managed services (HTS capacity and broadband services, gateway services, and monitoring and control services), satellite terminals, field service representative (FSR) support, training and terrestrial backhaul.

Navarino Announces Strategic Partnership with Intelsat

June 4, 2018 ‐ Navarino, the maritime industry’s leading technology company, announced that it will add maritime connectivity services from Intelsat S.A. to its portfolio of connectivity solutions. Under the agreement, Navarino will introduce innovative Intelsat satellite services delivered from the award‐winning IntelsatOne Flex platform, a global managed service designed to optimize bandwidth allocations and provide flexible coverage where it is needed most. With this service set to be introduced to customers in Q3 2018, Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos is expecting a high level of interest in the new possibilities that the Intelsat/Navarino collaboration will bring.

Intellian Unveils Next‐gen 85cm Ku‐ to Ka‐band Satellite Antenna System

June 5, 2018 ‐ Intellian unveils its new 85cm Ku‐ to Ka‐band convertible maritime VSAT antenna, the v85NX. This next‐generation v85NX is the lightest and best‐performing 80cm‐class terminal available with
a number of key features that make it easier to install, operate and maintain. The brand‐new 85cm antenna is both smaller, lighter and has better RF performance. Its form factor gives smaller vessels access to 1‐meter designated networks. With a highly efficient RF design, the performance in the Ku‐band is increased about 1.5dB compared to existing 80cm systems. The entire NX range of antennas from Intellian will share modular components, which will reduce the number of spare parts by more than 30% and lower the total cost of ownership for the systems. Also, the modular component design improves reliability and enables easy maintenance.

Intelsat Joins Smart Africa to Help Accelerate Africa’s Digital Transformation

June 5, 2018 ‐ Intelsat S.A. has joined Smart Africa during the Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali in May 2018. Established in 2013, Smart Africa is a bold and innovative commitment to accelerate sustainable socioeconomic development on the continent and usher Africa into the knowledge economy through affordable access to broadband and usage of ICT. The Smart Africa Initiative is geared towards connecting, innovating and transforming the continent into a knowledge economy thereby driving global competitiveness and job creation. The initiative also aims at enabling Member States to become more competitive, agile, open and innovative smart economies with the most favorable business climates that attracts large‐scale investments, rewards entrepreneurship and enables fast growth and exports, leveraging ICT innovations to transform African nations into smart societies.

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