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EM Solutions Secures Multiple Project Wins with Australian Department of Defence

September 2, 2019 - EM Solutions, the Australia-based technology developer of innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products, has been awarded two contracts from the Australian Department of Defence Innovation Hub to develop next-generation satellite ground terminal capability. The first is a AUD$ 1.9M contract to develop a low-profile, flat panel antenna satellite communications terminal. Based on a novel low cost ‘leaky-wave’ antenna developed in concert with researchers at the University of Queensland, this system is intended to provide improved communications capability from land, air or sea platforms to any satellite. In the same announcement from the Australian Minister for Defence Industry, the company was also awarded a AUD$ 5.8M contract to continue its development of a ruggedised satellite communications terminal for potential deployment on current and future Royal Australian Navy vessels. This projects aims to deliver a prototype communications terminal for testing and demonstration.

Inmarsat's Satellite Technology Saves Lives, Supports Sustainable Fishing in Indonesia

September 3, 2019 - Inmarsat, working with the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, its Department of Fisheries, the UK Space Agency and other partners marked the successful closure of a three-year fisheries innovation project. Using low-cost, solar-powered satellite technology on smaller fishing vessels, the project aimed to enhance safety, efficiency, ship to shore contact and offer potential fish stock sustainability improvements. With Indonesia’s long coastlines and more than 17,000 islands, it is difficult and costly to monitor vessel movements in the country’s waters. Independent analysis by consultancy Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Limited, published today, showed that applying modern, satellite-based technology to smaller boats below 30 gross tonnage (30GT), not currently legally required, supported the local industry’s move towards safer, more sustainable and profitable operations. It also has potential to improve the ability of Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) to address illegal fishing. With funding from the UK Space Agency and support from Inmarsat, this International Partnership Programme project was implemented to test the benefits and challenges of expanding the use of satellite-based Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). The tested satellite VMS system was expanded with various applications and is referred to as VMS+.

NTT DOCOMO Awards Gilat an LTE Satellite Backhaul Project to Expand its LTE Footprint English

September 3, 2019 - Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced that NTT DOCOMO, INC., the largest mobile carrier in Japan, awarded Gilat a project for LTE satellite backhaul, to expand its LTE footprint. Gilat in partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT (JSAT) will provide NTT DOCOMO a solution for rural coverage extension, while ensuring secure and robust coverage even in the most challenging weather conditions. NTT DOCOMO is engaged in a project to extend LTE service to islands and other hard to reach regions to provide a superior user experience to their customer base throughout Japan. Gilat's satellite backhaul operated by JSAT's powerful JCSAT-4B satellite will enable this DOCOMO service in selected areas of Japan. In support of Japan's highly demanding cellular market, NTT DOCOMO is leading in development of 5G networks, leveraging network function virtualization (NFV) and other technologies, actively pursuing the next generation cellular networks. Gilat, as an active member in the SaT5G standard organization, looks forward to providing satellite backhaul to support NTT DOCOMO's 5G leadership.

Iridium and Thales Expand Partnership to Deliver Aircraft Connectivity Services

September 3, 2019 - Iridium Communications Inc. announced Thales as the newest Iridium Certus aviation service provider. While already developing the Iridium Certus-based FlytLINK terminal and antenna, Thales will now be able to offer both Iridium Certus terminals and Iridium Certus connectivity services to business jets, commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, general aviation and UAVs. Iridium Certus is the only L-band broadband platform providing truly global connectivity and upon aviation terminal availability, will provide a state-of-the-art solution for two-way flight deck and business cabin communications. Iridium Certus will turbocharge the company's existing suite of aircraft safety services, including providing Iridium Future Air Navigation System (FANS) applications such as standard and "enhanced" ADS-C, controller-pilot data link communications and ATS Safety Voice, once certifications are complete. Beyond safety services, Iridium Certus will deliver flight deck and business cabin-friendly internet capabilities such as electronic flight bag services, graphical weather, blackbox streaming, email, credit card processing, VPN access and social media posting and monitoring.

Eutelsat Statement on C‐Band Alliance

September 3, 2019 - Eutelsat announces its withdrawal from the C-Band Alliance (CBA), which has been formally notified to the CBA members today. It appears thsat Eutelsat was not aligned with other members and the CBA leadership team on certain matters. In this context, leaving the CBA is the best way to have a direct involvement and to represent the interests of Eutelsat and its stakeholders in this C-band process. As a reminder, the CBA is an organization tasked with the clearing and repurposing of C-band spectrum to make a portion of this band available for 5G services in the United States. Eutelsat wishes to take a direct active part in the discussions on C-band clearing and repurposing. Meanwhile, C-Band Alliance members Intelsat, SES, and Telesat are fully committed to the market-based approach for clearing C-band spectrum in the U.S. The C-Band Alliance notes the statement of Eutelsat issued to withdraw from the Alliance. The CBA remains committed to delivering its expeditious, market-based proposal and the departure of Eutelsat does not impact the CBA’s ability to do so. The remaining members of the CBA, which represent approximately 95% of the affected revenues of the US C-band market, are aligned and committed to the process of engaging with the FCC on the proposal of rapidly clearing C-band spectrum to support the deployment of 5G services in the U.S.

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