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Comtech EF Data Receives $1.8 Million Delivery Order to Support Critical Air Force and Army Anti‐ Jam Modem Program

June 30, 2020 - Comtech EF Data Corp. received a delivery order in support of a recently awarded contract for engineering services from a large prime U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contractor. This latest delivery order is for $1.8 million to support a critical Air Force and Army Anti-jam Modem (A3M) program under the U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). The $4.7 million contract has been funded $2.3 million to date. The A3M program will provide the Air Force and Army with a secure, wideband, anti-jam satellite communications terminal modem for tactical satellite communication operations. The jam-resistant modems will support SMC’s Protected Tactical Waveform technology, an anti-jam capability operating on military satellite communication terminals through the Wideband Global Satcom constellation.

Kratos Completes Acquisition of Satellite Antenna Manufacturer ASC Signal from CPI

June 30, 2020 - Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has completed its acquisition of CPI ASC Signal Division (ASC) from Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) following the receipt of regulatory approval from all required government authorities and completion of other closing items. The acquisition broadens Kratos’ space ground systems business with the addition of market-leading earth station antennas that are an important part of government strategic and tactical communications, especially for defense and intelligence operations, and are also used widely in the commercial world. ASC products also include radar antennas for air traffic control and weather applications, as well as High-Frequency (HF) and specialty antennas. Kratos’ space business offers a wide variety of products and solutions across the satellite ground segment, including RF infrastructure, systems management and mission assurance products.

Viasat's Real‐Time Earth Ground Station Now Open in Australia

June 30, 2020 - Viasat announced the official launch of its Real-Time Earth (RTE) facility in Alice Springs, Australia. Viasat partnered with the Centre for Appropriate Technology Ltd (CfAT), an Aboriginal not-for- APSCC Monthly e‐Newsletter 2 July 2020 profit science and technology company based in Alice Springs, which built and owns the new facility through its wholly-owned commercial subsidiary CfAT Satellite Enterprises Pty Ltd, and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), an Australian Commonwealth commercially-focused government authority, which helped finance the project and provides related commercial advice and support. Viasat's RTE network provides Ground-Station-as-a-Service (GSaaS) to the earth observation and remote sensing community. The service offers affordability and reduced latency through automation and geographic diversity on a pay-per-use basis. Viasat's RTE service will be able to support next-generation and legacy low earth orbit satellites using the S-, X-, and Ka-bands, which will enable operators to meet today's and tomorrow's data requirements.

Oman Operator SCT Selects SpaceBridge to Supply Multiple Spot Beams HTS, Multi Service Broadband Satellite Network

June 30, 2020 - SpaceBridge has been selected by Satellite Communication Technologies (SCT) to supply an HTS Multiple Spot Beam (MSB) Broadband VSAT Network. The network to be supplied incorporates SpaceBridge’s unique ASAT System including its turnkey WaveSwitch, Point-to-MultiPoint Satellite Broadband Platform technology. The SpaceBridge ASAT Platform, sized to support SCT growth to thousands of Remote Terminals, will deliver services enabling enterprises, mobile network operators and homeland security entities to transmit real time applications data under the Arabsat Satellite coverage in the Sultanate of Oman and it’s economical water. Operating multiple high throughput DVB-S2X beams in the forward channel, coupled with SpaceBridge’s advanced QoS and Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP), SCT will provide high speed and spectrally efficient bandwidth to their customers. On the returns, SCT benefits from dynamic MF-TDMA return channels delivering industry leading reaction time and bandwidth delivery based on customer demands. Additionally, WaveSwitch enables SCT to dynamically switch customers with higher bandwidth demands from MF-TDMA dynamic SCPC, providing SCT with benefits from high performance, improved spectral efficiency on the returns and increasing the overall satellite data throughput.

ST Engineering Donates $1m to Enable Digital Access for Low Income Households and Seniors in Singapore

June 29, 2020 - ST Engineering has announced that it has made a donation of $1m to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) Digital Access Programme (DAP), to help low-income households and seniors to gain access to digital and connectivity tools for their task. The amount comprises donations from employees and other donors raised through the Community Chest of Singapore, with a top up by the company. This collective donation is the single largest contribution to DAP to date, and is expected to enable about 4,500 individuals to have equal digital access over the next 12 months. This initiative began when Singapore announced more stringent Circuit Breaker measures and the need to help low-income households overcome the digital divide became more acute. ST Engineering rallied its management and employees to contribute towards the DAP, helping households and seniors gain access to digital and connectivity tools such as subsidised computers, devices and broadband services for their daily tasks, whether for work, home-based learning or accessing information and entertainment. ST Engineering then topped up the over 1,000 contributions to reach $1m.

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