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SES and AXESS Networks to Enable Smart Mining with O3b mPOWER 

July 28, 2022 – SES and AXESS Networks are accelerating digital transition of the mining industry with SES’s  second generation  medium  earth  orbit  (MEO)  system  O3b  mPOWER,  the  two  companies announced  today.  Under  this  multi year,  multi million  agreement,  the  mining  sector  users  will  be able to benefit from the cutting edge low latency Onshore Energy & Mining mPOWERED connectivity service.  SES’s  Onshore  Energy  &  Mining  mPOWERED  service  will  provide  the  highest  throughput available  from  a  satellite  system  and  deliver  dedicated  and  carrier grade  networks  to  AXESS’ customers  reliably  regardless  of  their  remote  locations.  O3b  mPOWER  can  deliver  up  to  multiple gigabits  per  second  per  site,  enabling  AXESS’  customers  to  accelerate  the  digitalisation  of  their operations and sites globally, boosting profitability through access to new applications and efficiency, as well as improving staff safety and welfare. SES’s second generation MEO connectivity service also brings the Cloud closer to the end customers and can enable edge computing to support the use of 5G and IoT in the mining industry.     

Nokia Radio Technology to Enable AST SpaceMobile’s Direct‐to‐cell Phone Connectivity from Space 

July 28, 2022 – AST SpaceMobile, Inc.that they have signed a five year 5G deal with Nokia. Under the deal,  Nokia  and  AST  SpaceMobile  will  work  to  achieve  their  joint  ambition  to  expand  universal coverage  and  connect  underserved  communities  around  the  world.  The  planned  launch  of  AST SpaceMobile’s  BlueWalker  3  test  satellite  later  this  year  will  kick  off  global  testing  with  mobile network operators on six continents. AST SpaceMobile's mission is to eliminate the connectivity gaps faced  by  over  five  billion  mobile  subscribers  worldwide  and  to  bring  cellular  broadband  to approximately  half  of  the  world's  population  who  remain  unconnected.  Their  approach  will  mean that  subscribers  outside  the  reach  of  cellular  coverage  could  have  access  to  broadband  speeds without having  to invest in specialized hardware and be able to roam  from land networks  to space networks for the first time. Through its mobile network operator relationships, AST SpaceMobile has entered  into  agreements  and  understandings  with  mobile  network  operators  which  collectively service over 1.8 billion cellular customers.

Tactical Wireless Joins Inmarsat's Elevate Programme

July  27,  2022  –  Tactical  Wireless  has  joined  Inmarsat’s  ELEVATE,  a  development  programme, ecosystem  and  marketplace  for  providers  of  software,  hardware  and  solutions,  and  original equipment  manufacturers  (OEMs)  in  commercial  land  markets.  As  a  member  of  the  ELEVATE programme,  Tactical  Wireless  will  provide  customers  with  even  more  reliable,  personalised communications solutions based on their individual bandwidth requirements and location. Access to ELERA,  the leading global L band satellite connectivity network  from Inmarsat will enhance Tactical Wireless’  ability  to  meet  customers’  niche  and  vital  needs,  whatever  and  wherever  they  may  be. Tactical Wireless is a UK based company which has specialised in integrating innovative solutions for hybrid communications in remote or poorly connected areas since it developed its universal sensor and  communications  hub,  Omni Hub«,  in  2013.  The  company  offers  bespoke  communications technologies and services across a variety of industries. 

INTEGRASYS  Solutions  for  Government  Applications  in  2021  EDF  Proposals:  NAUCRATES  and  RFSHIELD 

July 27, 2022 – The European Commission is supporting R&D projects through the program European Defence Fund  (EDF)  2021, with almost  €1.2  billion  for Defence and R&D  projects. INTEGRASYS  has been  selected  as  one  of  the  companies  for  obtaining  multiple  EDF  programs,  and  two  projects, thanks  to its defence expertise acquired over  the years. INTEGRASYS will be coordinating RFSHIELD “RF Interference Removal for Military Services based on Spaces Link”. The project will take up to 30 months, until June 2025. RFSHIELD will ensure the protection of the SatCom services from intentional and  non intentional  interferences,  increasing  the  availability  and  performance  of COMSATCOM/MILSATCOM  services  for  military  users.  The  reason  why  INTEGRASYS  has  been designated  as  coordinator  is  due  to  the  current  expertise  that  the  company  has  in  Interference Removal solutions, with its available CLEANRF product. The consortium of the project is formed by 5 companies,  AICOX,  MBS,  and  INGESPACE  as  INTEGRASYS’  partners,  who  are  also  specialized  in defence capabilities. The company has also been awarded NAUCRATES project, which is focused on microsatellites  for  Geostationary  Orbit  Surveillance  and  Intelligence.  The  project  duration  will  be until December 2025, and the main goal is to design and demonstrate a microsatellite with less than 100kg mass, positioned in a stable orbit outside the GEO belt, as an in orbit optical sensor with the capability to approach other objects in GEO to take centimetre level resolution images. 

Astrocast Provides Soracom Customers Access to Global Satellite IoT Connectivity

July 27, 2022 – Astrocast, a leading global nanosatellite IoT network operator, and Soracom, a global provider  of  advanced  IoT  connectivity,  announce  today  a  partnership  to  embed  the  Astrocast Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution into the Soracom platform. This collaboration enables Soracom to offer integrators and end customers blended IoT connectivity options that comprise satellite and cellular connectivity.  Since  85%  of  the  globe  has  zero  cellular  coverage,  Astrocast’s  SatIoT  solution  will provide a key component to Soracom’s 20,000 plus customers across the world; with devices in areas where cellular coverage does not reach. Organisations can access Astrocast SatIoT by subscribing to the  Soracom  platform,  taking  advantage  of  the  seamless,  secure  integration  to  a  choice  of  cloud services. They will be able to make use of Soracom’s blended connectivity options or SatIoT alone. 

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